Tuesday, September 10, 2013

SSIS : SSIS toolbox is not visible in SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT)

Yesterday, I was asked by one of my reader that he is not able to see the toolbox in SSIS 2012.  I have provided the way of getting it and thought of sharing which may help you guys.
Previous to SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT), we were using Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) to develop SSIS packages. In BIDS when we click on Toolbox icon which opens the SSIS Toolbox window whereas in SSDT which opens the user control toolbox as shown below:

So, how to get the SSIS toolbox in SSDT?  There are two ways to get the toolbox, one is by clicking on the icon as shown below or selecting the menu from View -> Other Windows -> SSIS Toolbox

Hope you got the SSIS toolbox in SSDT J


  1. Thanking you sir for giving me valuable information Regarding "RANK()" functions.
    this query very easy to understand.

  2. Hi,

    I have few questions on SSIS Performance tunning.

    Suppose My system has 8GB RAM and I have installed SQL Server 2012 along with DataTools.
    SQL Server uses 7GB memory. Will SSIS uses the 7GB memory or remaining 1 GB memory for buffers?

  3. You saved lot of my time

  4. Hello Sivakumar,

    the thing is that I´m not missing the SSIS Tool as view, I´m missing it at all, I did not look any item.

    is there a way or a site where I can download the package ? or if it is any add-in into VS2012 ?

    1. Hi Jose,

      Have you installed SQL Server Integration Services in your machine?


  5. Thanks so much for help!!

  6. thaq sir i will rectify my problem with fraction of seconds aftr ur blog.

  7. simply solution. u saved lot of my time. thank u!